Baseball Forms and Handbook

Thank you all for the amazing season. We are gearing up for Fall Baseball to help the kids continue to build their skills!

A program designed for Boys' ages 9 to 14 years old on 08/01/2019 and the continuing development of Baseball fundamental skills.

All participants will be required to provide their own game pants, belt and socks for the season.

The pants will need to be gray in color. Players can choose either the traditional style pants or longer style. MYS will provide each player with a hat.


Games are played all week long at the Molalla Middle School! We would love to see you come down to cheer on these young athletes!

We at the baseball committee want to thank you all for playing baseball for MYS this year. It takes a lot of work by a bunch of volunteers to get baseball organized, and we are happy to do the work. We have always said if you need anything please let one of us know.

Coaches: We are working on getting a coaches clinic for the coaches this year. We are speaking with the High School Staff as well as a local baseball instruction company. If you are interested in coaching either as a head coach or assistant coach please sign up on the website.

Parents: We will be having a parent meeting and a field day so answer any questions and then fix up our fields.

Players: Play hard!

Sponsors: We are looking for banner sponsors for our fileds and equipment needs. We have three levels of sponsorships $300 gets a small banner, $500 gets a large banner, and $1000 gets you a large banner on field of your choice.

Uniforms: Last year we bought uniforms and they weren't the best quality. We have found different style of uniform that is of better quality. Last year there was a $25 uniform fee and the new uniforms cost $32. You will get to keep the uniforms and we will use them for 2 years. We are trying to raise the $5000 for the uniforms.

Umpires: We are in the process of making a list of people wanting to umpire. We have a local umpire that will get you all trained and it makes between $40-$50 a game.

Website, Facebook, and/or Email: We have started to update the website and facebook. We will make sure emails come out as well with all of the information.

Please contact the office for donation paperwork or any other questions.

Leagues: JBO and CCJBA

Junior Baseball Organization, Inc


Minor American CCJBA County Champions 2018

Minor American JBO State Champions 2018

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