MYS Fundraisers/ Scholarships

MYS is a nonprofit organization that focuses on giving the youth in Molalla the best sports programs possible. Fund-raising is part of keeping our goals possible. All fund-raising money goes to field and court maintenance, equipment, and scholarships for players in need as designated by the Board of Directors.


MYS Raffle

During one sport season each year MYS holds a raffle that supports the program and is normally used to purchase new equipment, field and court maintenence and for funding the Scholarship Program.


MYS works hard to make sure that every kid in the Molalla area has a place and a chance to play sports. Working towards that goal, MYS fundraisers and community sponsors allow scholarships to be given to kids in each sport. Families receiving scholarships are asked to help MYS with fundraisers, coaching, or volunteering to the program in other ways to help offset these costs. The shcolarship application needs to be filled out completely and turned in to the MYS office prior to registration closing. The Board of Directors then approves scholarships as appropriate.

Scholarship Application

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