A program designed to introduce Boys' and Girls' in Kindergarten and 1st grade to the basic fundamental development of Baseball / Softball skills. Listed below is an overview of the skills coaches will be expected to teach and athletes should be able to perform the targeted skill for their appropriate grade level at the conclusion of the season. To achieve this goal, every team practice must be structured to continue building the fundamentals that every player will need to be able to compete at the Rookies / Softball level.

· Offensive Techniques:

  • Hitting
  • Coach Pitch
  • Boys' / Baseball: Overhand Pitch
  • Girls' / Softball: Underhand Pitch
  • Bat Safety

· Defensive Techniques:

  • Position Play;
  • Team Sportsmanship / Unity;

Having FUN!!!

Coaches and parents with questions are encouraged to either contact the Molalla High School coaching staff or visit the MHS fields to observe practices / games and to discuss.

Pre-K / 5 Year Old registrations accepted and processed after all on-time Kindergarten and First graders and by availability.

All skill levels welcome.

Uniforms: All assigned athletes will receive team shirt and hat to keep.

    • Recommendations: It is recommended that registrants wear soccer cleats.
    • No toe cleats allowed
    • Used Rookies Pants: Available for purchase at the MYS Office for $5.00 / pair
    • Used Soccer Cleats: Families may donate or exchange a used / clean pair of cleats for FREE

School Closures

    • No School = Does Not Affect Practice / Game Schedule.


    • 2 weeknights for 1 hour.
    • Depending on the number of teams and coach practice requirements, it may be necessary to assign two teams to share an infield and open green space.
    • In the event there are an odd number of teams, teams with a BYE game will have the option to practice.


  • Played on 2 weeknights.
  • No Score Kept / Reported.

League: Molalla, Colton and North Marion.

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