U8 Micro League

U8 Micro League


U8 / Micro-League

The Micro-League
program is designed for Girls' and Boys' in the U8 / 2nd - 1st age group and their continuing development of fundamental Soccer skills in a fun and rewarding manner, with the emphasis on enjoying the experience rather than wins and losses. Listed below is an overview of the skills coaches will be expected to teach and athletes should be able to perform for their appropriate age level at the conclusion of the season. To achieve this goal, every team practice must be a moderately structured environment for athletes to enhance their skills to be able to take their game to the WYSA Soccer level.

Basic Fundamental Technical Skills:

  • Warm-Ups;
  • Dribbling;
  • Ball Control;
  • Passing;
  • Receiving;
  • Possession;
  • Turning;
  • Shielding.
  • Spacing;
  • Position Play.
  • Goalkeeper;
  • Shooting and Scoring.

Team Sportsmanship / Unity;

Having FUN!!!

At any time coaches and parents with questions are encouraged to either contact the Molalla High School coaching staff or come to the MHS fields to observe practices / games and to discuss.

Teams are gender specific.

All skill levels welcome.

Uniforms: All assigned athletes will receive team shirt and socks to keep.

Requirements:It is the registrants responsibility to wear:

  • Soccer Cleats;
  • No toe cleat.
  • Shin Guards;
  • Weather appropriate clothing;
  • Soccer is played rain or shine.

Season: M-Aug-3 through Sat-Oct-24

Practice: Begins August 3, 2020.

  • 2 weeknights for 1 hour.
  • Begin between 4:30 or 6:30 on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.
  • Depending on the number of teams and coach practice requirements, it may be necessary to assign two teams to share a field.

Games: Begins September 5, 2020.

  • Played on Saturdays after 9am.

Re-scheduled games may be played on weeknights.

  • Scores: None.

Clubs: Molalla, Colton, Country Christian, and North Marion.

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