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Oct, 2022

MYS Zero Tolerance Policy for Treatment of Officials

Zero Tolerance Policy for Treatment of Officials  

Molalla Youth Sports (MYS) is committed to providing every participant with a positive sports experience. The fabric of a good youth sports program is held together by good sportsmanship and the mutual respect of everyone involved. MYS believed that every participant deserves to be treated with respect. To this end, MYS has developed a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR ABUSE OF SPORTS *OFFICIALS.  

Across the country and throughout sports, there has been an increasing number of incidents involving coaches, players and parents abusing game officials. MYS utilizes youth officials and uses those programs as an additional benefit to the youth of our community. This youth officials program helps develop valuable life skills, while also filling a needed role in our youth sports programs. Because of this, MYS has adopted a ‘zero tolerance’ policy toward any cases of abuse of officials that are reported and confirmed by officials, spectators, managers/coaches or other staff/volunteers. This policy is effective immediately.  

Officials' abuse at its simplest is defined as any deliberate action that makes an official feel physically threatened, verbally intimidated or emotionally humiliated. Disrespectfully objecting calls, yelling at, publicly calling, constantly disagreeing with an official verbally or by action can be deemed abuse of the official. Coaches and managers/other volunteers should always show decorum, respect and observe all game rules whenever questioning an official about a call.  

The penalties for any confirmed case of abuse of an official:

Abuse by a coach/manager:

1st incident – 1 game suspension for a coach/manager regardless of history, coaching experience or program involvement. This suspension will be in addition to any suspension due to an ejection from a game.

2nd incident (within same season) – 3 game suspension for a coach/manager. This suspension will be in addition to any suspension due to an ejection from a game.

3rd incident (within same season) – a lifetime ban from coaching or managing a team within Molalla Youth Sports   In addition, if a coach/manager confronts an official after a game in order to continue verbally abusing an official, these penalties will be increased to a 2 game suspension for the 1st and a 6 game suspension for the 2nd incident.   Any incident that involves physical abuse by bodily threatening, shoving, bumping or any other physical contact will result in an immediate suspension and notification of proper authorities.  

Parent/Team abuse of an official:

1st incident – 3 game suspension

2nd incident (within same season) – 5 game suspension

3rd incident (within same season) – a lifetime ban from attending MYS games  

Coaches, managers and volunteers will be asked to provide the names of any parents who abuse an official and those who don’t cooperate may face a 1 game suspension for refusing to cooperate.  

Please remember that MYS coaches and team managers are responsible for the behavior of their players, parents and spectators during games Officials may file an abuse report on any coach whose players and supporters are abusing the official.  

If you have feedback on an official’s performance, please email MYS at [email protected] with the following information:
Date and Time:
Age level:

Molalla Youth Sports reserves the right to increase any of these penalties based upon the severity of the incident.  

*An official is defined as any person, volunteer or paid, that has been hired or has stepped into the role of official for any one game, regardless of age, race, gender or experience in the role of the official.

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