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IBL: Instructional Basketball League K-2nd grade

K-2  Instructional Basketball League - K-2nd Grade

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The K-2  program is designed for Boys and Girls in K through 2nd grades and is the key to the success of our club. Our goal is for players to have fun in a positive and rewarding environment and cherish the memories of their first involvement in basketball. The players participate in a games based program where learning the fundamentals is achieved through a process of trial and error. Games and fun activities are utilized to maximize player involvement, touches on the ball and physical activity. There are no positions, no formations and no waiting in line. We measure the success of our program by the number of laughs and the size of the smiles. Listed below is an overview of the fundamental skills coaches will be expected to teach and athletes should be able to perform for their appropriate age level at the conclusion of the season. To achieve this goal, every team practice must be a mildly structured environment for athletes to enhance their skills in order to be able to take their game to the USA Developmental Basketball League Level.

  • Kinder teams are co-ed.
  • All skill levels welcome.
  • All Players will receive T-shirt and a basketball to keep.
  • Clubs: Molalla, Colton and Country Christian.

You will need to provide: Black shorts, sneakers, and water bottle

Basic Fundamental Technical Skills:

By the end of 2nd grade, a player should be able to…


  • Dynamic Stretching…Not Static;
  • A process of warming up the body's muscles 2 to 3 degrees above core temperature through
  • movement…Do not stand in one place stretching.

Dribbling / Ball Handling

  • Dribble the ball with primary hand, yet struggles to control the ball with other hand.
  • With reminders, dribble with eyes off the ball.
  • Control the ball when moving forward and often loses possession if having to change speed or direction.


  • By the end of 2nd grade, a player should be able to…
  • Understand the pivot foot, yet drags the foot prior to dribbling, passing or going up for a shot.


  • Shoot a stationary lay-up, from the low block, with their dominant hand while jumping off the correct foot.


  • Shoot with one hand behind the ball, yet still tends to hoist the ball.
  • Get ball even with elbow, yet wrist still does not break and elbow is slightly out pushing ball across the body.

Offensive Awareness

  • Understand the different roles and concept of space on the court.
  • Start from the triple threat position.
  • Pass to an open teammate and move away.
  • Inbound the ball, after a basket.
  • Understand their role when Free Throws are shot.


  • Move to the basket to make the rebound and catch the ball.

K-2 Basketball Game Rules

8ft Basket Height

Coach Pre Game.  Before each game coaches should get together and decide how to conduct the game.  Ask one another how the kids are doing with the basic rules such as running the ball without dribbling (Traveling) –or- dribbling and running with the ball out of bounds, if both teams are still working on these skills then maybe don’t call it and have it be a turn over just keep reminding the kids to dribble and to stay in bounds.  As the season progresses and both coaches agree to call these types of things then you can do so.  Please take this game by game as some teams may be progressing faster than others

Coaches on the Floor during the game Coaching and Officiating the Game.  No Masks required for those Coaches that are actively on the floor with the kids playing.

8 Minute Running Quarters.  Please have someone other than the head coach  keep time for the game, there will be four 8 minute running quarters with a stoppage at 4 minutes to change out wristbands, make substitutions and pair the opposing players up so they know who they are to defend.  Example: before the game begins pair the opposing players up with matching wristbands so they know who they are defending then make sure the players know the direction of their basket and begin the game with a tip off.  At 4 minutes STOP the game and take about a minute to substitute players and match them up with the opposing team player that has the same color wristband.  Give the ball back to the team who had possession when the game was stopped.  Start the clock again, once the next four minutes is over then the Quarter is complete.  Again take about one minute between that quarter and the next to make substitutions and match up the players.

Halftime will be 4 Minutes

Person to Person Defense Only (No Double Teaming the Player with the Ball)

No Full Court Defense (You Cannot Play Defense on Your Basket End of the Court) (We suggest to have the kids begin playing defense below the 3 point line)

No Stealing the Ball (If the ball gets taken from a player by another player just remind the player that stole the ball that there is no stealing and give it back to the player that the ball was taken from)

Fouls (the only fouls that should be called are fouls that are extreme and or dangerous to the players) Please don’t call a foul for hugging, just remind them that they can’t touch the other player.  (If a foul is called while a player is shooting there will be NO Free Throws, it takes too much time to get the players lined up and the clock is running)

Each team gets one time out per half

The Most Important Rule for K-2 Basketball is to Have Fun!!


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